October Workshop - Saracen Soldier


Michael shared this costume with me and I couldn’t wait to add this to the workshop. What stood out to me was the color palette and the drapery. He took his photos for me against a white wall which really complimented the light colors of the outfit. I’m looking forward to painting something a bit high key. And the fabric layers can add a lot of drama to the costume as well.


I would also like to let you know this website is where future event posts will be placed as well as the Facebook group page.

We will start off with some short poses, and one long pose for about four hours or more.

If you take photos of the model (and you've asked for permission) you’ll need to also tip the model. 

Bring your friends and have them sign up too!

ONLY $20

Figurative Illustration Workshop
October 5
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Hosted @ Platform Studios
1821 W. Hubbard Street, Suite 304
Chicago, IL 60622