Swan Song | 8x10in. | oil on illustration board | Aaron Miller

Swan Song

Swan Song

Oil on  board


© Aaron Miller

Private collection


Painted for a charity event; Pottery Barn presents Picture a Cure for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

If you live in the area the event takes place Dec. 8 @ 7pm at the Lincoln Park Pottery Barn. It will be available for sale that night only!

here’s a link to the flyer:

This gave me an opportunity to push my painting to marry the plein air feel with a reference photo. And I wanted to experiment with a new limited palette.

Here’s a link to the palette:

limited palette

A few of these colors you might not need as they can easily be made some of the other colors. I had the tubes on hand and thought I’d see if they made any real difference. I’m not crazy about the naples yellow I had. I know I instantly swiped at the light yellow and added some white.


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  1. Hello!You say you would have done the Black Swan one differently If you had seen the film, avhing seen the film I think your piece is a fantastic representation.I only found you and your website today via a friend posting a like to your Deviant Art page on my Facebook. I love your work and will try to keep an eye out for it! B

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