Yule Ram | oil on panel | 5" x 5" | ©Aaron Miller

God Jul!

Yule Ram

Oil on panel

5″ x 5″

©Aaron Miller

In the collection of Debbie Miller


Every Christmas as a kid we had one of these funny looking straw goats around the tree. It was something I always loved but never actually knew what it meant. While on a shopping trip to Ikea i spotted the Yule Ram and had that feeling of reminiscence flood over me. I just had to have one for our tree this year. Since it reminded me so much of Mom, I painted it as a little gift for her since she’s in Denver and I’m not able to make it out there.

The interesting thing about painting or drawing something is the amount of time you spend with the subject. Part of that study can sometimes be it’s history and other things that effect it or have been affected by it. For my illustration work I really enjoy this process. I try to understand the subject from as many angles available figuratively as well as literally.

Yule is the much older holiday celebrating the winter solstice. During this time it is thought that the last cuts of the harvest contain the corn-spirit, in the form of the goat or ram and sometimes boar. This Yule straw is made up into a goat or ram. And in the spring this animal effigy is mixed with the seed before planting for a good harvest. During the dancing at Christmas (or in the past during Yule) the straw animal is thrown around to one another, simulating a prancing goat.*

*Source “The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, Volume 8” By Sir James George Frazer


Merry Christmas Everyone! God Jul!

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