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Project: party flyer

Medium: Digital

© Aaron Miller


This recent illustration had plenty of challenges. And one of the biggest was perspective. I’ve never had a solid course in perspective so I work on the process when time permits and some on-the-job-training. To speed things up I could easily have used SketchUp to build a basic structure and just add details. But then I would understand what was happening. I took a few days to read and even watch some tutorial videos. One of my favorite ways to learn is to follow along but using my own project. I feel it’s easier to absorb the information when there’s a direct connection. Drawing railroad tracks will only take you so far. I’m excitedly happy I took the time to tackle the problem. It was exciting when a few of the processes finally clicked like the POV and measuring points and what to do with them.

And here is the final flyer for the event:

Ceremony flyer


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