Tuskguard Captain | ©WotC | Magic the Gathering | oil on panel | Aaron Miller

Tuskguard Captain

Khans of Tarkir, a new world in the Magic: the…

Half Moon Elf Ranger | ©WotC | Oil on illustration board | Aaron Miller

Half Moon Elf Ranger – DnD 5e

Dungeons and Dragons has relaunched as fifth edition (D&D 5e)….

Half Elf Sorcerer | ©WotC Oil on illustration board |Aaron Miller

Half Elf Sorcerer – DnD 5e

With the launch of Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition (5e…

Artist Edition Tokens

Artist Edition Tokens

While I’ve been learning to play magic one of my…


Unmake the Graves

My first fully painted card for magic the Gathering. Usually…

Carrion Crow | © WotC | M15

Carrion Crow

One of three cards released for Magic the Gathering’s M15…

Geist of the Moors | ©Wotc | Magic the Gathering

Geist of the Moors

A card for Magic the Gathering M15 set. The setting…

Altar of Mogis

This Magic the Gathering card was released with the Battle…

Ajani, Mentor of the Heroes | ©Wizards of the Coast

Ajani-Mentor of Heroes

The release of Magic: The Gathering – Journey into Nyx…

Stratus Walk - © Wizards of the Coast

Stratus Walk

© Wizards of the Coast Magic the Gathering: Born of…


Hero of Leina Tower – MtG

Great Setessan hunter takes down a basilisk on this latest card released for Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods.

Ettenmoors | detail | ©FFG

Ettenmoors – LotR LCG

Client: © Fantasy Flight Games Product: Lord of the Rings…

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