Plein Air Painting Equipment Tips

I’m planning a trip this fall with some friends to…

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6 Artist Painting Jam Video

Last year five friends (Jim Pavelec, Chris Seaman, Tony Moy,…


Corporate Minutes Scam

After writing a scam article recently I can’t believe I’ve…


Scams, fraud, and your Nigerian pen pal

I recently received an email from a potential collector. I…


5 Awesome (and cheap) WordPress Portfolio Themes

For a few years I’ve been working with free themes….


Email question answered: Advice on Promotion for an Illustrator

  “Is the proper way to promote myself is going…

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Best of Show – GenCon 2013

Wow, GenCon was crazy this year. The amazing art jurors…


PACT fundraising Campaign

Jim Pavelec decided to give a lecture at the 2012…

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5 Great (and free!) Illustration Portfolio themes

There are thousands of free WordPress themes out there. The…


Improve your Illustration Portfolio Website

Recently on Awesome Horse Studios Livestream show we did portfolio…


Information for the Aspiring Illustrator

I wanted to create an area I could direct aspiring…

Ben Nuñez painting on his Nintendo DS at the Figurative Illustration Workshop I run.

Getting better at art is like a video game

Ben Nuñez painting on his Nintendo DS at the Figurative…

Illustrators Unite!

DrawnToday Podcast: Podcast Episode 41 – Illustrators, UNITE!

DrawnToday Podcast: Podcast Episode 41 – Illustrators, UNITE!.   This…

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