Carrion Crow | © WotC | M15

Carrion Crow

One of three cards released for Magic the Gathering’s M15…

Geist of the Moors | ©Wotc | Magic the Gathering

Geist of the Moors

A card for Magic the Gathering M15 set. The setting…

Altar of Mogis

This Magic the Gathering card was released with the Battle…

Ajani, Mentor of the Heroes | ©Wizards of the Coast

Ajani-Mentor of Heroes

The release of Magic: The Gathering – Journey into Nyx…

Scarlet Witch | Aaron Miller | 2014

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Oil on panel 10×8″ 2014 Aaron Miller  …

Stratus Walk - © Wizards of the Coast

Stratus Walk

© Wizards of the Coast Magic the Gathering: Born of…


Corporate Minutes Scam

After writing a scam article recently I can’t believe I’ve…


Shipwreck Cove

24″x48″ oil on panel ©Aaron Miller   Shipwreck Cove was…


Scams, fraud, and your Nigerian pen pal

I recently received an email from a potential collector. I…


Faerie II Group Show – Krab Jab Studio

Queen Mab Oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on panel 8×10″…


Hero of Leina Tower – MtG

Great Setessan hunter takes down a basilisk on this latest card released for Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods.


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